Friday, February 17, 2012

Screenshots - Updates

Hello everyone! I apologize, I haven't posted anything in over three weeks! No worries, though, I'm still here and steadily working on my first game! (Which is going, eh, okay) The ball is rolling slowly, but I'm going to give out a few screenshots of how it looks now (with my crappy, ten-minute-drawn pixel graphics). Obviously the game won't appear this way when I'm finished, but here are some shots:

It's not much, but as time passes it should be a really fun game to play -- very Spore-like in that you grow, evolve as you eat, and customize when you evolve, but mobile, of course, and centered around just your creature's life and not so much the species as a whole. We're throwing around ideas for mini-games, resource gathering (not in space), boss battles... Anyway, there's a little sneak preview at super-early development. I will try to post something else soon.

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