Saturday, January 21, 2012

Game Under Development

Great news! I am officially building an Android game! The concept is both original and addictive -- at this point it's probably not a good idea to give you much more than this, but I will say that it will be very like certain creature-building games mixed with mini-games and other fun aspects that I love in flash games. There's more good news though! I've officially added another member to the team and he will be helping me with the development process from beginning to end; we're also very likely going to pull an artist into the mix as the code begins to come together (because my graphic-design skills are flaky at best)! Anyway, our newest member is going to head up the concept development and play-ability portions of the team, but for now will just be focusing on this one game; don't want to crush the newbie in work. Well, everyone enjoy the rest of their weekend, I'm gonna get back to hacking this thing out.

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