Friday, January 6, 2012

GoogHacks Lite v1.1 Released!

I just released GoogHacks version 1.1 to the Android App Market!

Here's what's new:
  • How-to & Tips Info Added - Had a comment about some confusion on how to download, so I figured a nice How-to/Tips window at the initial installation would be helpful.
  • Menu Added (not an ActionBar) - I added a simple menu for accessing a couple of things people may be interested in using.
  • Info Button Added - Put this in the menu so you can review it if you're having trouble locating files.
  • Blog Button Added - Links you directly to my main page! Nothing better than staying up to date on the latest apps!
  • Rate Me Button Added - Only one lonely fellow has rated me as of this post... Seems kind of slim for 200 installs, so I put a market link in the menu as well.
I'm getting pretty hyped up about how well GoogHacks is doing. I've been averaging about 20 installs a day since Christmas, which means word is getting out there. If the word keeps spreading and this app really starts getting some attention you can look forward to some frequent updates and some of those powerful tools I've been talking about. Hope everyone that's reading this is enjoying my app. Don't forget to rate my app if you like it or have a suggestion for me! Thanks!

Android Link: GoogHacks Lite v1.1


  1. I tried using the App but nothing happened when I tried using the search feature. Is it because I was using Google Chrome or is something else going on? I uninstalled until I had more information about using the app so that it works for me.
    Danielle D.

  2. Hey Danielle! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble! GoogHacks should be compatible with Google Chrome, as well as all other popular mobile browsers, but bugs are always a possibility. I'd like to help you resolve your issue! Just reply here with the Make and Model of your phone/tablet, what version of Android you are using, and detailed information of what steps you followed when you were trying to do a search (ie. What file type were you searching for? Give an example of what words you typed.)

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks for your feedback,
    Thomas (T.N. Development Team)