Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keeping You Posted

You will have to forgive the radio-silence for a while -- I'm focused and I want to get the base art app out quickly. This is just a quick update to let you know I'm here and working. GoogHacks continues to do well for a baby app; I've had some good feedback on the forums (but no comments, guess I need to build a link in-app) but at the moment I am focused on the art app. I have implemented a functional bucket, but it isn't perfect - either its 100% effective and too slow, or 90% effective and fast. Considering art is about blending and working with the tools you have (at least for myself) I am going with 90% effective and fast until further notice. I've moved on to creating an alpha interface, and may dabble in a few other tools including opening images, but then I'm going to build the undo process and start into creating a layering interface... The interface will need a seismic overhaul because, to me, an art app should be all about shortcut keys and speed when it comes to accessing the tools you need. I'm excited and working hard. Hope everyone has a great Christmas/Holiday season.

Additional Update:
  • Finally figured out what was glitching the floodFill algorithm (Color Fill) YEAH!
  • Tweaked Brush Size interface to be Brush Settings interface
  • Added opacity to the Brush Settings interface
  • Added antialias and dither checkboxes to Brush Settings interface
  • Fixed error with Brush Settings interface
  • Removed color tolerance until further notice (too giltchy)
  • Began work on Open Image option
  • Tweaked Undo/Redo a little to prepare for full integration (still not functional)
  • Getting excited about Christmas (hohoho)

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