Thursday, December 15, 2011

Art App Update

So the "art app lite" release deadline has come and gone with no release, but all is not lost! I've made great progress with the Fill Bucket tool, which is really a huge obstacle, apparently, but I'm toughing it out and looking for an algorithm that works. I won't get too technical here, but basically at the moment it works great, but the memory is getting full before the app can catch up to perform certain actions (We in the dev. world call that a "stack overflow"). I'm a problem-solver, though, and considering how far I've come in so little time I am not concerned about it. So you can update Fill Bucket to: Structure Built. Yay!

While I'm here, I might as well tout that Googhacks Lite is still doing well! Check it out when you have some free-time. Also, good news: not only are real live people coming to this blog, but they are also reading it! (Or pulling it up and letting it sit there for 20 minutes.) I like readers. Hello reader.

Enough play-time, back to work!

Android Only: Direct Link to download GoogHacks Lite

Quick Update:
I didn't feel this warranted an actual post, but it is some really big news. The Fill Bucket tool project is a success! I have a few, minor glitches I need to work out to fill in the gaps, but it is running surprisingly fast even on the slower processors! The great thing? Thus far the build is compatible with all Android 1.6+ devices! Give me another few days and I may feel comfortable releasing a new deadline for my new Lite app!

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