Monday, December 12, 2011

GoogHacks Lite Update / Art App Progress

GoogHacks Lite is doing well as a free app! It's averaging about 7 installs a day. That's exciting because I have a lot of plans for it, but it will take more than just 50-ish installs before it will become something I deem marketable (aka: Updates!)... Logically it would be wise to wait until around 1,000 installs and a bit of ad-revenue starts coming in as a result. Economically it would be more wise to wait until around 10,000 installs. Astronomically I should wait until 100,000 installs and a decent yearly salary coming from it. Realistically I'll probably wait another two weeks to see if anyone leaves any comments and then release an update. What can I say, I'm a softy for installs.

The art app idea I've been throwing around isn't exactly in the idea form anymore. I've built the basic design already, using the standard design with not-so-standard code... which has resulted in a quick, dependable interface that actually functions like an art app should! I still have a long ways to go, but I'm up to building tools!

"Android Art App" Lite Tool Plans:
  • Draw (Done)
  • Color (Done)
  • Brush Size (Done)
  • Eye Dropper (Done)
  • Name (Done, Unreleased)
  • Undo (Structure Built)
  • Fill Bucket (Reviewing Options)
  • Save (Planning Stage)
  • Open (Planning Stage)
  • Facebook Upload (Concept Stage)
  • Icon (Concept Stage)
My deadline to release a Lite version is in two days... With all these tools and functions to build, the pressure IS on! :D

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